We are a closely-held company, comprised of partners with relevant experience—long and deep—in the practice of medicine and pharmacy, the business of health care, and the technical and regulatory challenges that drive costs for all parties.  

We advocate greater fact-based dialogue between payers and network providers, manufacturers, and innovators, especially driving value locally, where care is actually rendered. We want to support all varieties of innovators in health care.  We especially believe that health care itself is local and personal.  Thus, we want to empower the voice of the “real world” clinician in all kinds of clinical situations.  

We know that today’s health care financial transformation—moving away from “Fee-for-Service” to “Value-Based Reimbursement”—can only occur in an environment of “evidence-based medicine”, supported by Real World Evidence generated by serious and funded collaboration projects. 

We are offering SME’s Health Engagement Hub at NO-COST, with NO-OBLIGATION to interested organizations to drive dialogue and maximize results.  We hope to join you on your journey to make your engagements meaningful!

                     Sincerely, Terri Bernacchi