After validating the practical “fit” using Health Engagement Hub, exchanging emails or maybe having some face-to-face meetings, you may want to progress to discussing the details of your Engagement: 

  • What is required from both sides? 
  • Is the data necessary for results readily available? 
  • Is there a team that can deliver on both sides? 
  • How are costs covered and borne or shared?
  • What is the “Fair Market Value” basis for the active work and/or data?
  • Is there a price discount or a rebate or guarantee in play? 

At this point, you need to make it official.  Sign a “Master Service Agreement“.  Put a Project Statement of Work in place.  

That’s where MySME Manager comes in.  (See SME Health SystemsMySME Manager helps organize both sides of the engagement, managing the data collection, project requirements, invoicing, audit trails, and results.  

MySME Manager is made available at no cost to the party doing the data collection (the “Partner”) and is available to the Sponsor (who is funding the initiative) for minimal subscription fees to support the system and support services.